4 – 6.9.2024

La Rural Trade Center, Buenos Aires

The value of providing safety & security

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Strategic positioning

Novelties, releases, latest trends, and the target audience that your company needs to establish its position in the market; all of this awaits you at the International Trade Fair for Commercial and Information Security, Fire Protection and Safety, the paramount commercial rendezvous within the sector across South America.

Strategic information for decision-making and contact with key industry players will empower your company to boost its potential. This is your opportunity to navigate market challenges and capitalize on prospects.

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Advantages of being a participant

Getting Noticed

Exhibition attendees are a potential audience that is already keen on discovering your company and its services. Intersec Buenos Aires provides a professional platform for interaction and exchange, allowing you to directly connect with your company's target audience.


Connect with potential clients, maximize the business opportunities the sector offers, and efficiently plan your company's growth.

News and Trends

Bringing innovation to users and prospective clients is vital in positioning your company as a provider of original products and intelligent solutions.

Tools that maximize your investment

We provide promotional materials and digital resources to promote your company's participation in the exhibition. As the protagonist of our communication efforts, your company will be featured in marketing campaigns that aim to attract visitors, promote your services, and solidify your market position.

Sustained Communication

18 months of exposure for your company

Messe Frankfurt Argentina, your strategic partner

Digital Pack: The best ally for your company's communication

SBeing a part of Intersec Buenos Aires enables you to optimize your company's marketing strategy, activating a dynamic and sustained communication plan before, during, and after the event.

This innovative platform allows you to create a personalized profile for your company, share updates, and promote your catalog. You'll have the flexibility to incorporate diverse details to effectively reach your target audience: company description, contact details, logos, photos, products, and product groups.

To amplify your company's visibility and positioning, the platform provides tools to feature in Intersec Buenos Aires's search and inquiry channels.

Additionally, you can purchase additional tools to complement the basic package services, and even access limited, exclusive advertising offers.

Personalized micro website

Share it and get more people to come to your booth. You will be able to obtain information about who visited the site and registered for the exhibition.

Digital invitations

Send a personalized invitation to all your contacts.

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Banners, logos, e-signatures

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Press actions

Our Communication and Press team offers you the possibility of standing out in important specialized media. Through press releases and newsletters, you can broadcast relevant information and news about your company.

A dynamic market

Electronic security

+ jobs

Average annual revenue of

million dollars
Average annual growth of %

between 2020 and 2022

% of sector employment

is generated by fixed monitoring

Safety and Personal protection

+ workers
+ companies

Sources: Argentine Chamber of Electronic Security (CASEL) and Argentine Chamber of Security (CAS)


All the products and industry services within the Intersec Buenos Aires network

Physical security

Electronic security

IT security


Road safety

Access control

Building automation & smart home

Fire detection

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Fire extinction

Industrial safety and personal protection

Environmental protection

Occupational safety and health

Passive safety

Entities and organizations

CASEL and CAS, key allies

Backed by experienced professionals with extensive sector knowledge, we approach exhibition organization with solidity and efficiency. Messe Frankfurt Argentina's track record, coupled with the pivotal roles of CASEL and CAS in the market, drives the exhibition's success with each new edition.

CASEL (Argentine Chamber of Electronic Security), a non-profit entity comprising manufacturing, importing, and integrating companies, mainly SMEs, boasts highly-trained technical experts adept at implementing and overseeing diverse electronic security systems. CASEL represents and safeguards the interests of more than 186 companies from various industries, regions, and specialties.

On a parallel note, CAS (Argentine Chamber of Security), a non-profit civil society, represents and advocates for the development and interests of 120+ companies in these sectors, collectively employing 10,000+ workers. CAS unites firms dedicated to manufacturing, marketing, and servicing property preservation equipment, encompassing personal protection gear, fixed fire installations, fire protection components, and all elements of the passive safety sector.

More than an expo

Explore an agenda that offers a diverse array of activities designed to bring you comprehensive sector insights: stay current in the Food Garden, an outdoor gathering space featuring demonstrations and food trucks; attend Exhibitors' Conferences and join Seminars. Discover the latest market trends at Intersec Buenos Aires.

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We invite you to discover the results of Intersec Buenos Aires 2022. The success of the event speaks to the value of taking part in the sector's largest and most significant commercial gathering in the region.

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